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Alan Seale

New Beginnings
by Alan Seale

What if every single day offered you the opportunity for a completely fresh start to life—a chance to start with a clean slate—no baggage, no expectations, nothing holding you back?  The truth is, it does!  Every single day, and actually every moment and every breath you take is an opportunity to expand beyond what has been and step into the next moment of possibility.  You may absolutely love what has been, or you may have regrets or be facing challenges that make you wonder how things will ever turn around.  Regardless of your situation, each breath you take can usher you into new possibility.

The key is choice.  You have the opportunity to choose in every moment to free yourself of what was, as fantastic or challenging as it may have been, and step forward into the next moment.  You can choose to “shed skin,” in a manner of speaking, as you walk through your day, instantly growing the appropriate “new skin” to meet the next moment, the next opportunity, the next gift of life.   Your physical body is, in fact, doing  that all the time.  Your cells are constantly dying and being created anew, so that within a year every cell in your body has been replaced.  From a cellular perspective, you have an entirely new body every year.  Isn’t that amazing? 

When we are fully engaged in “being,” we are in a constant flow of change.  Therefore, we are constantly experiencing new beginnings.  This does not mean that each day we have to start life all over again, having lost what was before.  Instead, it means that every day we get to reflect back on what has been, choose how we wish to relate to it and the role it will play in our lives going forward, and then start afresh.  Through this approach to life, we can constantly let go of old opinions, beliefs, habits and behaviors that no longer serve us and replace them with new beliefs and behaviors that are in harmony with our evolutionary process.

Take a couple of moments to reflect on how you approach each new day now.  Do you wake up excited about discovering the possibilities that the new day holds, or do you approach the day as a series of pre-set commitments to be met and responsibilities to fulfill?  Be honest with yourself.

Now close your eyes and take a moment to settle into a meditative state.  Then invite the concept of “Beginning” to be present with you.  Let go of any pre-conceived notion of what Beginning should mean.  Ask Beginning what it has to say to you and what role it wants to play in your life.  Ask what new opportunities await you if you allow each moment to be new.  Then step into and fully inhabit the potential that Beginning is showing you.

What does it feel like to inhabit Beginning in this way?  How has your energy shifted? How is your attitude different?   Can you feel your “new skin?”  What is it like?

Living in this new concept of Beginning can lead to new choices and habits in your daily life.  How do you feel called to live your new concept of Beginning right now?  How can this new Beginning awareness influence your thoughts about who you are, how you interact and communicate with the world, and the life you are creating? 

If you lived in this new Beginning awareness, how might your life transform?   How many ways can you imagine that your life could be different if you lived in this concept of Beginning?  Choose it, even if only for a day, and see how your daily experience shifts as well as your overall approach to life.

Imagine if we applied the same concept of new Beginning to our world.  We are living in a world that is crying out for things to be different—for healing, for safety, for peace in our hearts, in our regions, and in the world—yet we are so afraid to let go of our personal comforts and our carefully crafted existences.  These same patterns have repeated throughout human history.   What if we broke the pattern now, not just as individuals, but as members of the global family?  What if each one of us were willing to let go of our “safety nets” of beliefs, comforts, and securities, and step into a new beginning?  What if we were each willing to step beyond our personal fears and fully align with the flow of evolution and transformation?

The world, humanity, and consciousness are all evolving and transforming toward greater awareness and connection.  It’s hard to see at times because that transformation is so masked by fear and resistance, which will do everything it can to protect us against anything that might threaten our personal lifestyles and beliefs.  It is our job to remain firmly grounded in soul, acknowledge the fear and resistance, look it boldly in the eye, and claim the next new Beginning.  In this way we move forward.

New Beginning, in its greatest potential, means being willing to step out of our small personal worlds and step into global awareness.  It’s not about religions, countries, races, or economic status—those are all small worlds.  It’s about souls that are a part of the giant matrix of souls and Love and potential that connects us all.  It’s about every person being a citizen of the universe, regardless of race, religion, nationality, or economic status.  It’s about opening to the greatest potential for communication, cooperation, and thriving co-existence on this planet.  We don’t all have to live the same way or agree on everything.  But we must find the common ground of soul that provides a nurturing space for every person to grow, develop, and reach their greatest potential.

 New beginnings for our world start with each one of us being able and willing to “shed skin” every day—to let go of the past and of anything in our present that is not serving the greater whole.  And then, unencumbered by pre-conceived notions, we step boldly and courageously into the new moment.  Only then can we actually begin to create a new world. 


Copyright © 2005-2011 Alan Seale.  All Rights Reserved.

Barbara Biziou
Alan Seale is a leadership and transformation coach, award-winning author of 5 books, and director of the Center for Transformational Presence. His books include Create a World That Works, Intuitive Living, and The Manifestation Wheel.  Visit his website at www.transformationalpresence.org to learn more about his workshops, coach certification program, and mentoring programs.


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