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Harnessing The Power of Visualizations
to Create the Reality You Desire

by Rita Milios, MSW

Do you feel that you control your own future? Or do you dream of changes you’d like to make in your life, yet you don’t quite know how to make them happen?

Many of us don’t realize that the key to controlling our outer lives begins by controlling our inner lives--our mental state. It is said that "attitude is everything", and this is essentially true because attitude precedes action. Before we do it, we must first think it, desire it, plan it....and believe in it. Whatever our goal, holding the vision of that goal and "energizing" it with a positive attitude that assumes success is the key to eventual success.

Visualizations and affirmations are two "mind tools" that can help you hold a vision and create an attitude that will lead you to your goal. Visualization is the process of creating pictures in your mind. Affirmation is the process of repeating a positive message to yourself. Both are potent, positive mental tools that can be learned and used by anyone.

Visualization works because it creates belief, belief that can alter the circumstances of your life. With visualization, you "speak" directly to your inner, subconscious mind, bypassing the censorship of the logical, conscious mind. Your subconscious mind "thinks" in pictures, and you can reach the programming levels of your subconscious mind quickly and easily with visualization. Visualization is an idea, a thought form, in picture. By starting with a picture, you take a shortcut directly into your subconscious. No words have to be "translated" from conscious ("left–brain") language to subconscious ("right–brain") language. You deliver a simple, clear, direct message right into your subconscious mind.

Visualization is a bit of mental "trickery." You are, in effect, tricking your subconscious into believing that an event has occurred when it has not. Your subconscious mind does not rationalize. It takes whatever you give it as "truth." If you consistently picture yourself as having already achieved your goal, your subconscious mind soon believes that it is so. Then, in order to balance your inner and outer reality, your subconscious sets into motion any events or circumstances necessary to create in the physical realm that which you believe in your mind to be true. The fact that you only "imagined" the outcome of your goal does not matter. In your mind (as in space) there is no past, present, or future. Just because you pictured having achieved your goal before you did it, does not matter to your subconscious. If you can make the scene real, you can believe in it. And once you believe in it, it tends to come true.

Numerous studies have been done on visualization, assessing its effect on the performance of athletes, on the ability of students to recall information, and its effect on certain healing processes. From these studies and from the experiences of countless people, we have evidence of the powerful role that visualization can play in our lives.

Steps to Better Visualizations

The key to using visualization effectively is to make the pictures, the scenes in your mind, real. Add all the action, energy, and emotion you can muster to the movies in your mind. The more they appear and feel real to you, the more certainly you are creating their (future) reality.

Start by visualizing in the proper place. Close your eyes and "look" inside your mind. What do you see? Total blackness, probably. Now start to imagine a scene in your mind. Where in your head is this scene taking place?

For many people, visualizations are pictured somewhere in the area of the forehead, often right between the eyebrows. While this is OK, it is more effective to move your mind–movies out away from your head. Picturing your scene between your eyes takes more concentration because your eyes instinctively follow your inward gaze. It is better to move your mind’s movie screen out about six inches from your face. This allows you to be more relaxed, and to have more spontaneous, creative images. Using this focal point, try the exercise below.

"Practice" Visualizations

Close your eyes and image a movie screen (or if you prefer, a blackboard) about six inches away from your face and up a couple inches above your eyes.

First imagine (or "draw") on your screen or blackboard a geometric figure, a square, circle, or triangle. Keep visualizing this figure over and over for about twenty seconds. Each time your mind wanders, simply bring it back, reproducing the same image over and over. Repeat this exercise with the other two geometric figures.

Then imagine on your mental screen or blackboard a figure, a stick figure or a figure like the Pillsbury doughboy. You do not need to get details. (Most people don’t really see details like hair and eyes on their figures.) In fact, when you "see" an image or visualization, it is in the form of a thought--picture, a sort of mix between an actual image and just the thought of that image. Don’t expect pictures like those on television. Trying too hard to get a "good" visualization will hamper your results. Sometimes you "sense" an image more than you actually see it.

Now scan your figure with your mental eye. Note the size, shape, and sex of the mental body. Note any feelings or impressions you have about it. Then imagine this body slowly starting to become active, and to move. It might start to walk, jog, or play basketball, whatever.

Next, bring another figure into the picture. On your mental screen, see a second figure interacting with the first. Have them talk, shake hands, become animated and argue or laugh together. Practice creating these and other pictures in your mind until you can comfortably imagine and visualize many types of scenes fully and vividly.

Visualizing Special Goals

It is a good idea to create a time every day to mentally send out your visualized goals. Often people do it just before they fall off to sleep. Another good time is shortly after awakening in the morning, before you start your day. You can add impetus to your visualizations by accompanying them with affirmations, or positive statements, that also reflect your goal. Following are some specific visualizations for a variety of goals.

Visualizations for Health

Picture yourself on your mental screen, seeing yourself at your healthy best. Imagine yourself strong, vital and active as you repeat to yourself several positive affirmations for health (suggested below).

If there are any areas in your body that need attention, imagine each area specifically, seeing it whole, perfect and healed of whatever ailment it once had. Make an affirmation that the ailment is now healed. You might imagine a healing light permeating every cell of the affected area. Then, see yourself joyfully experiencing freedom from this ailment. Move the body part freely and breathe deeply to show that the body part is no longer affected. End the visualization by giving thanks for your perfect health. You can also do these visualizations for others, imaging them on your mental screen.

Visualizations for Prosperity

See yourself experiencing your prosperity and wealth. What kinds of possessions would you have? What would your bank statement look like? Visualize yourself using and enjoying your prosperity. Also, (and this is very important) visualize the good that will come from your increased prosperity. What positive ways will you use your money?

Perhaps you have plans to help others in some way. Visualize this happening. Any time you use your increased prosperity to help others, you increase your potential for prosperity becoming a permanent part of your life. Your attitude about prosperity and plenty increases your wealth. Think of money as freedom, as a tool to help you do what you do best. Use your prosperity wisely, and more will come to you. Think of your wealth as freedom, security, and added power to help others. When you want to create prosperity, attitude really is everything.

Visualizations for Success

Picture the success you desire in specific, positive images. See yourself performing a service of your choice that others need and appreciate. See yourself being congratulated and praised for your good work. Imagine that you have a never–ending supply of people who value and want your services. See yourself enjoying your work, feeling proud and happy that you can provide this worthwhile service.

If you are not happy with your present job, see yourself working and doing the kinds of things you would really like to be doing. Imagine yourself in the type of environment you feel best--at home, at an office, outside, working alone, or working with others. Then give thanks for this new and wonderful job (and you do not have to know exactly what this job is--you can leave that up to the universe). See yourself depositing a paycheck into your bank account. This check shows the amount of money that you need and desire from your work.

Visualizations for Happiness

Imagine the kinds of things that you want and need to be truly happy in your life. Affirm that you have these things in your life as you visualize them. See yourself and your loved ones interacting in loving, pleasant ways. Visualize a peaceful scene where your best wishes have come true. Give thanks for the happiness in your life.

Visualizations for Emotional Healing

Not only can you "program" goals and desires with your visualizations, you can "reprogram" old hurts and change old nonproductive, limiting attitudes. The following techniques, described further in my book, Tools for Transformation, can help you positively transform your emotional state. However, if your scars are buried very deeply, or are related to a particularly traumatic event, you may want to seek professional help in facilitating your personal transformation. You can tell when you are too upset to work with a visualization, or when you get "stuck" and nothing seems to work, that you might have gone as far as you can alone. There is nothing wrong with seeking help form qualified professionals for your mental and emotional life. Use your own intuition to guide you.

Small Child Visualization

This visualization is especially good for reprogramming very old beliefs and attitudes. In it you "meet" yourself as you were when you were a child. You then go back to an old feeling or problem and mentally visualize its solution by you, the adult, taking the child’s problem and mentally releasing it (a good releasing image is to visualize the problem being dissolved by a bright, golden sun, or to see your adult self placing the problem in a hot air balloon and letting it go). Even if you don’t know the exact problem, by tapping into anxieties, fears or negative feelings, you can still get in touch with the mental program associated with those feelings and release it.

You may want to go through this visualization several times, each time dealing with a new problem or feeling. An especially difficult problem may take several repeated visualizations to clear out all of the negative energy associated with the original mental program. Just follow your intuitive feelings. They will tell you when you have repeated a visualization enough times. You will know also if a sense of peace comes over you during the visualization, or you experience the cessation of a specific anxiety.

Love Energy Visualization

You can use the technique of visualizing universal energy in certain colors to quickly send added energy to yourself and others. Imagining sending a particular color allows you to "shortcut" a longer visualization, as you "assign" a certain color to represent an intent. Using a color in place of an entire visualization or affirmation is a quick, easy way to do this.

For instance, I "assign" the color pink to stand for love. Any time I want to send out love or to add loving feelings to a situation or event, I simply imagine that I am surrounding the person or the situation with a beautiful, soft pink light, or a pink cloud. Instead of going through a long visualization or affirmation expressing my intention to send love, I simply think, "I send you pink light."

It is amazing the effect this simple exercise can have. A client came in one day and excitedly said, "That pink light business really works! My husband has started paying attention to me again. We’ve never been happier." Sending him pink light was the only change she had made in her dealings with her husband. Similarly, several different clients have related how they used the pink light to help them overcome problems with people at work. One woman became best friends with a person she had previously quarreled with and had resented for six years.

Of course, visualizing a color by itself does nothing. It is the change in attitude that is associated with the intention that we assign to the color that is important. This is what works wonders. When we change our attitude, our focus, to love, our interactions change. In addition, I truly do believe that when we ask for extra loving energy from the universe, we get it.

Visualizations and Healing

You can use colors to designate other forms of energy, as well. In the case of healing, it is especially easy to believe that an extra measure of energy comes from lovingly asking for it.

A healing green light apparently helped a former student overcome a lifelong case of asthma. She had had severe asthma since she was a small child, over twenty–five years. She took medication every day. During my class Miracles of the Mind, we imagined a healing green light permeating our bodies. This student focused specifically on the area of her lungs.

The next day the student had a doctor’s appointment. She was to try out a new drug. It was the middle of July, a time when she was especially vulnerable to asthma attacks. The doctor had asked her to go off her medication for a day so she could try the new drug. She had been worried that this might lead to an attack, but she felt good when she entered the office that day.

The doctor tested her breathing capacity and he was amazed. It was unusually good. In fact, it was so good that he could not put her on the new medication. The doctor asked the student to run up and down the stairs to try to bring on an attack. But even this did not cause her asthma to flare up. For the first time in over twenty five years, the woman was off medication, and breathing better than ever before.

This was over ten years ago. The woman has been able to stay off medication. She only needs medication occasionally, when conditions are especially bad. Before, she would normally have been hospitalized on such occasions.

Was it the green healing light that healed the woman of her asthma? Again, we can never be sure. But it was the only thing she did differently. And she believes it was the cause. The woman continues to use the green healing light for herself and others.

Other colors can be designated to denote the intention of sending a certain kind of energy to ourselves or to others. Try using orange light to send a calming, relaxing effect. Blue light is often used to designate spiritual energy. Purple often signifies psychic energy or transmutation, the changing from one form of energy to another. For instance, if you want to change a negative situation into a more positive one, imagine purple light surrounding it, transmuting the negative energy to positive. Yellow is often considered the color of high spiritual knowledge. Use it to ask for wisdom or intellectual energy. White light is all the colors combined. White light denotes the Light itself, the love, the energy of the universe. You might surround yourself, your family, your home, your friends with white light to denote a request for strength, guidance and protection.

Adding Affirmations

Using affirmations (positive statements that we repeat to ourselves in a positive way) and visualization together is like a "double whammy" for creating belief in your desired goal. One or the other alone will work, but by using the two together, your success will come easier and faster. Affirmations, through repetition, reach your subconscious mind and leave a deep impression. Repeated statements work as if they were creating a groove in a record. The more the repetition, the deeper the groove, and the more long lasting its effect. With affirmations you choose statements to repeat over and over again throughout the day, positive statements that are beneficial to you. You can use affirmations to plant positive seeds in your subconscious concerning any area of your life, such as health, success, happiness or even prosperity and wealth.

Here are a few keys to creating great affirmations, affirmations that work.

1) Keep it simple. State your affirmation in the most concise, precise, simple language possible.

2) Keep it positive. Use positive statements only. Avoid words like not, won't, etc.

3) Keep it in the now. Always make affirmations in the present tense.

I offer below some suggestions for simple affirmations. But don't be afraid to make up your own affirmations. Your own affirmations have your own special touch, they ring a special bell within your subconscious mind. Don't hesitate to take a "standard" affirmation, such as these I suggest, and make it your own. Change it to make it feel right for you. Just keep in mind the three key points listed above.

Affirmations for Health

• I am whole, healthy and healed.

• All my bodies – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual are perfectly aligned.

• I am filled with the healing energy of the Light.

• I am in perfect health.

• I release all need for illness or injury to my body.

• I release all negatives from the genetic coding of my body.

Affirmations for Success

• All my goals are realized.

• I am successful in every way.

• Every day I am more successful.

• I meet every challenge knowing that I will be successful.

Affirmations for Happiness

• All my dreams have become a reality.

• I find joy in everything I do.

• My life is abundant with joy.

• Peace, happiness and love are mine.

Affirmations for Prosperity

• I have all the money I need to bring everything I need and desire into my life.

• A constant abundance of prosperity is mine.

• I give valuable service to my fellow humans, and I am rewarded abundantly.

• I am blessed with abundance.

A word about affirmations and belief: Use only affirmations that your subconscious mind can believe. If you are 300 pounds, don't make an affirmation that states, "I am 120 pounds. I am a size 6." It will probably be too difficult for your subconscious to believe this. It is too different from your original experience and belief.

You don't have to give up your goal, however. Instead, use the "day–by–day, inch–by–inch" method. Your affirmation might state, "Every day I am getting thinner. Every day I am closer to my goal of 120 pound s." Then, when you do get close, you can change your affirmation to, "I am 120 pounds." Then your subconscious will accept it.

The Rule of Threes

Affirmations work in three ways. It is best to make use of all three avenues to set your thoughts into motion.

Speak your affirmations each day.

Write your affirmations down. Keep the written message where you can see it regularly.

Visualize your affirmations as living pictures of your goal having already been achieved.

Use affirmations and visualizations together to visualize your desired goal while you repeat an affirmation for it. Create a scene in your mind where you see yourself already having achieved your goal. See yourself doing what you would be doing, saying what you would be saying, feeling what you would be feeling. Affirm in a short, positive statement that this vision is your reality. In this way, you can begin to create the reality you desire.

This article is adapted from Tools for Transformation, © Rita Milios.

Rita Milios, MSW, LISW is a licensed psychotherapist and spiritual teacher with more than twenty years experience providing spirituality education, intuitive training and guidance for people seeking to develop their inner wisdom. Author of Tools for Transformation, Dream Journal and other books and audiotapes, Rita has led seminars and workshops on the topics of dreams, meditation, intuition, visualization, creativity, emotional literacy and self-development. She has worked with lay people, businesses, educational audiences and associations. Rita's intuitive training and pathwork can be experienced through individual sessions or as part of a group training and development package.



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