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A Feast for the Senses
by Michael Levy

Our health is more precious than any diamond and yet we allow it to deteriorate out of ignorance of True information and attach our thoughts to misinformation. We know smoking and drinking alcohol is a quick way to a hospital bed but still many folks say this is what they enjoy. New scientific evidence is educating us to the fact eating: meat, dairy, candies, chocolate, cookies, cakes, sodas and foods containing hydrogenated fats and artificial flavors may lead to illnesses such as cancer and heart attacks.

The foods we are eating, eats away at our life span.

Most of us know fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, etc. should be our wholesome diet. But we keep eating the toxic food until we make ourselves ill and die too soon.

They say we are what we eat. In truth we are what we think.

The question then becomes: Who is directing us to eat all the wrong foods and why do we continue to do so even when we now know it is shortening our life? Our perception of living a happy life has been built with a good education but little wisdom. If we are treating our bodies in this manner it is quite likely we are treating our minds in the same way. It is quite possible that negative thoughts have a knock on effect and make us look for a substitution for happiness.

We are wined and dined with a mass of information on the negative side of life. We bear a grudge, we seek revenge, we are resentful, we worry and become anxious, we hold fear and hatred. Frustrations and devastations pile on the agony. We feed ourselves a banquet of negative toxic thoughts. This is all stored in our memories and seeps into our conscious minds on a daily basis. We have allowed people & events we have no control over in this world to control our minds.

On top of all this we also have the media to contend with.

We allow the advertising media to brainwash us into thinking we desire certain tastes and this will bring us Joy. We sample the goods and they taste real good.

We now educate our subconscious to trigger a desire of harmful but tasty food whenever we have a negative thought. This is done automatically and the desire takes on its own momentum so we get cravings for unhealthy food most of the time. Our body's tell our minds to crave tasty types of food. It just becomes routine and "Normal" to eat all the unhealthy foods and when someone comes along to advise on a healthier way of eating they are called a crank and dismissed from our minds.

Then one day we become sick, we take many types of medication and it may relieve the symptoms for a while but negative thoughts persist. We now become sick from the side effects of the medication on top of the toxic thoughts.

What a concoction of poison we have found for ourselves.

Our minds & bodies have a great defense system and some people can take more stress than others, so there will always be a few people that can abuse their bodies and seemingly get away with it. They really don't. They just have a higher pain threshold and strong Genes. But the majority of folks crack under the stresses and strains of unhealthy living.

I began by saying Our health is more precious than any diamond and yet we allow it to deteriorate out of ignorance of information. So what is the information we need to keep the healthy mind & body most of us were born with.

Every cell in our bodies has been coded over millions of years of evolution and is programmed to think for itself. Our main powerhouse is our brain and the neuron receptors are connected to every cell in our bodies. Our eating habits reflect our thinking therefore We are what we think and take shape from what we eat. The Intelligence that coded our bodies in the first place, is available to guide us throughout our lives. Our pure potential of awareness is called our soul and is a part of Spirit that lodges in our bodies whilst we have a physical presence here on Earth. When we clear our minds we listen to our Soul. The Unified Force Field of Universal Intelligence ( God) is our true identity and when we listen to our true selves Health Wealth & Happiness is our reward.

We find we need no reason to be happy.
Joy becomes a state of being.
Joy heals wounds and repairs bodies.
JOY means Just Obey Yourself.
Your true self is a part of GOD.
Now we are fed on SOUL FOOD.

Here is a little poetic story to help us find our route to Joy.

We all have a pot of gold waiting at the end of our rainbow.

Where do we find it,
How do we know,
Who makes the gift to bestow,
We act our roles
but who directs the show.

In this life we all have a choice,
where to go and how to use our voice,
but what is it that guides us
through our day,
Which route do we choose
How do we find our way.

Is life destined
Or is it just luck,
Is everything already written
in our book,
A click of the lens
the light of dawn,
only just born
then in a flash we mourn.

The world is full of many forms of life,
seconds tick and slice like a knife,
The source of all molecules
come from the same place,
Even though brilliant minds
find it hard to trace.

Humans are just a link
in a very long chain,
No real happiness can be found
in monetary gain,
We worry and weep
alas its all in vane,
The Universe revolves
nothing stays the same.

A mortal framework
in Earth's landscape,
The swing of the pendulum
no one can escape,
Cells of worry end
with a purple drape,
Cloaking the past
with a fear lined cape.

Negative forces
are always on the prowl,
When they see joy
they attack with a scowl,
They sometimes succeed
in villainy most foul,
Now they smile
as the good people howl.

There is a way
the devil can't win,
A magic formula exists
to erase all sin,
With one blow
we can clear negativity's grin,
Here is a simple story
that tell's how we all can win.

Once upon our time
there lived a young lad,
He went through life
seeing neither good nor bad,
People thought him silly
some a little mad,
For this young boy,
was always happy
never sad.

This care free mortal
soon became a man,
Many obstacles
were placed in his way
but he never ran,
He knew he had always been here
even before time began,
He served a winning team
he was God's biggest fan.

He was never religious
had no thought of prayer,
Being part of Spirit
gives vigor and flair,
No need to argue
Which righteous label to wear,
no need to split a hair,
He just left his life
in God's loving care.

Devastations along the route
they come and go,
He takes them in his stride
sailing where the wind will blow,
Following natures course
a player in a Universal show,
He tunes to the cosmic channel
Learning how little he does know.

He is a guest in a mortal frame,
To respect his abode
is the name of the game,
A lodger for a time
who knows when,
Avoiding the nonsense
portrayed by intellectual misguided men.

Many pitfalls are set
by societies grace,
Covered with false emotions
to save a made up face,
He could never be involved
with their pettiness case,
no trials and tribulations
for there's no time to waste.

When it came to business
he was always fair and straight,
Being in debt is something
he never did contemplate,
If it was not affordable
then he could wait,
Your never beholden
if you have a clean plate.

So there you have it
it's a wonderful world,
Let joy be our yardstick
time to become uncurled,
flow in an essence of happiness
A smile within a frame,
Painting a beautiful canvass
of life's majestic game. M.L.

© Copyright April 2000, by Michael Levy

Michael Levy was born 1945 in Manchester, England. He grew up in a poor neighborhood in the inner city called Hightown. Although the area was in decline Michael was always on a high in his town. Nobody told him he was poor so he was never aware of his poverty. He always was laughing and joking. He left school at sixteen with no qualifications and did not stay long at any one job. When he was nineteen, married and a child on the way, he started his own business with sixty dollars worth of stock. He sold cloth remnants on street markets. It was here Michael started to learn the philosophy of life. 

Every day was a joy. Michael has always known there is not enough days in anyone's life to think otherwise. By the time he was twenty-eight, he had built a substantial wholesale textile business. He also went into commercial property and dealt in commodity and stock markets. He remarried in 1982, and has lived in Florida since 1992. 

From his earliest recollection, he always knew there was a force inside him that could not fail, despite all the people around telling him, "How stupid he was" and "he will never amount to much with such a carefree attitude." The more negative forces that were put his way the more joyful the experience became. 

Nothing was ever that important and if things didn't work out, well there were always another day. There were very few days when he could not see the positive side to life. When he came to live in Florida, he had time to reflect on what took him to this point. Michael has now become an International Guru. A Prophet of Joy and we all can Profit from JOY. 

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