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Choose Peace Today!
by Robert Sidell, Rev., J.D.

It has been said that a contented mind is the greatest blessing a person can have in this world. How true this is! Without peace of mind everything else is meaningless. I have a friend who has a young son who constantly creates havoc wherever he goes, upsetting his family, his sisters, his teachers, even to the point of being thrown out of school.

Why does he do this? Ultimately, it is for one reason only, he has not found peace of mind. Because he is inwardly unhappy, he reaches out in anger towards everyone around him seeking to upset them as well. Likewise I know people that constantly upset their work relationships, their romantic relationships and never know long-term stability. Again, the reason is lack of inner peace.

On the other hand, if you can find inner peace, then everything else in your life will naturally move into harmony. Your friendships will become stronger. Your work life will be happier, more prosperous, and more secure. Your marriage or bonded relationships will be much more enduring and loving.

So how do you find this miraculous state of mind, called "inner peace", and what is it? In this article I suggest a three-step formula for you to enhance and magnify your peace of mind:

1. Peace of Mind Test. There are literally countless choices that we make every day that have major consequences in our lives, affecting our relationships, our work, and everything that is important. You can dramatically improve your peace of mind if you get in the habit of asking yourself this simple question: Will this choice increase my peace of mind, or diminish it?

If you are honest with yourself you will almost always know that one choice will take you to greater peace, while a different choice will bring conflict into your life. If you consistently ask this question, and examine your choices and behavior in light of this question you will find that you begin to steer your life into happier, calmer, more peaceful waters.

Example: As a lawyer I represent people who have had many different types of difficult, traumatic experiences. They are often angry and want to pursue extensive lawsuits. My job frequently is to get them to ask the question whether engaging in a long term suit will really give them peace of mind. Or will the lawsuit simply add aggravation, stress and upset to their lives? In the vast majority of cases people are actually better off resolving their cases peacefully, out of court, rather than getting involved in a long-term conflict where their integrity, and legitimacy will be challenged. But only when they can look at the big picture and make the decision that their peace of mind is actually their most important asset will they make the correct decision.

So it is with you! You must become sold on the idea that your peace of mind is your most precious asset, your greatest possession, and make choices that work to protect it, rather than jeopardize it. So start today by making choices that place your peace of mind as your #1 goal in life, and you will be pleasantly surprised as your move towards greater inner peace immediately.

2. Let Go of the Past! If we wish to know inner peace, we must be willing to let go of the past, and begin anew today!! There is no person alive that has not made many mistakes in this life. We have all hurt people we love, let down friends, and failed in many different ways. We are human beings living, learning each step of the way. We learn to walk by falling thousands of times, and so it is with every part of life. Every failure is simply a step towards greater success. As Thomas Edison said, each failure simply teaches one more way that won’t work, and guides us one step closer to success.

So whatever has passed in your life let it go today! Open yourself to the idea that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and that that there is a great and wondrous miraculous power that can make any and all things possible. Put your faith in that vast, loving presence of God, and trust that the right doors will open for you exactly when they should, exactly there they are supposed to.

Example: I was married very young and my marriage did not succeed. I could not move forward until I released that experience, and began to trust that my life was moving according to its proper plan. By releasing the past, I was able to renew my trust and faith in life, and I ended up meeting the wonderful woman to whom I am currently married. I now have 4 children who never would have been born if I had stayed rooted in the past.

3. Build up Your Faith Power! Almost all upset comes from lack of faith, lack of trust in God, in good in life! If you examine your life closely you will discover that almost every upset you have, almost every fear, every worry derives from one thing: your doubt that good is coming to you. If you truly could develop an awesome faith in the unlimited power of God to resolve all things, to heal all adversities, to correct all problems, then most of the stress of your life would fall away. Then when any event occurred in your life that you didn’t like or expect, you could respond with faith that good would come from that as well.

Although we may not understand how it works, when we respond with faith, with trust in good, we release an amazing power of transformation that can make all things possible. Just as Jesus through faith could heal the sick, raise the dead, and transform poverty into prosperity you, too, can if you will learn to cultivate your own faith power.

We must all take responsibility for our own reactions, our own faith, and our own beliefs. Look closely. What do you really believe in? Do you believe that your life is going to have a happy ending? Do you believe that God is greater than anything you could encounter in this world? If you have some doubts that is completely normal, but nonetheless you must learn to cultivate your spiritual power.

I suggest to you that when our friend Jesus said that we could do greater things than he could, he really meant it! I believe that same seed potential exists within each human being waiting to be awakened, to be developed, to be demonstrated in this world. And when you begin to stretch your spiritual wings, and develop mountain moving faith, then you will really be creating a wonderful, peaceful life, and you will also be making an enormous service to God.

So I challenge you this day to develop your faith. Give up regrets, negative thinking, anger, attachment to the past, and boldly move into a wonderful, faith filled, happy, peaceful future. Dare to become what you know you can be: the very incarnation of divine freedom, happiness, prosperity and fulfillment. You can do it!!

© 2000 Robert Sidell. 

Robert Sidell, Rev., J.D., is an internationally published author, motivational speaker, attorney and minister. He is the author of A Rare Opportunity, Your Key to a Miraculous Life. Shortly after becoming a lawyer, Robert had a spiritual awakening that caused him to see the world through new eyes.  He realized at that time that this world has unlimited potential and dedicated the rest of his life to sharing the truths that are contained in his book. His book may be obtained at Amazon.com and bookstores nationwide (ask for it if not on the shelf). You may contact Robert Sidell by email at rbsidell@aol.com.


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