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Books for Finding Joy and Happiness

Creating a Life of Joy: A Meditative Guide 
by Salle Merrill Redfield, James Redfield  

Seven blessed meditations take readers on a journey to serenity and peace, with careful instructions on how to relax the body, meditate effectively, and then apply the lessons of meditation to life.
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You Can Be Happy No Matter What: Five Principles for Keeping Life in Perspective 
by Richard Carlson, Wayne W. Dyer 

Many people believe they will be happy only when they solve their problems, improve their relationships, and achieve success. In this elegant gift edition, Richard Carlson shows that they can be happy now - no matter what the situation. 
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Make Room for Joy: Finding Magical Moments in Your Everyday Life
by Susan L. Colantuono 

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Finding Joy: 101 Ways to Free Your Spirit and Dance With Life
by Charlotte Davis Kasl 

In Finding Joy, leading psychologist Charlotte Davis Kasl shares 101 simple yet profound ways for readers to focus on the positive and bring happiness to their daily lives. Kasl shows readers how to release their fear, self-criticism, and negativity and learn, instead, how to live a more balanced, richer life.
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Spring Cleaning for the Soul: Love Lessons for Life: An Inspirational Guide to Finding Success, Happiness and Abundance Right Where You Are
by Joy Krause

Joy Krause shares poignant and inspirational stories and simple truths learned from many years in the housecleaning business.
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365 Health and Happiness Boosters
by M. J. Ryan

This book offers 365 concrete ways to experience more happiness. Many have to do with changing one's outlook
and learning to lift one's spirit in the moment; others address everything from eating habits and interactions with others to sleeping patterns and taking nutritional supplements. 

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Attitudes of Gratitude: How to Give and Receive Joy Everyday of Your Life 
by M. J. Ryan, Sue Bender (Foreword)

In this inspiring book, author M.J. Ryan shows readers how to nurture this attitude every day of their lives. Short, easy-to-digest essays explain why gratitude chases away negative emotions - and how gratitude is possible even in times of pain and hardship. 
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Relax, You're Already Perfect 
by Bruce D. Schneider, Ph. D.
How much energy do you expend tying to be "good enough?" What would your life be like if you suddenly knew you were already perfect? This remarkable book helps you direct the energy of the Universe to create abundance in happiness, health, wisdom, and wealth, and remember who you really are  a spiritual being experiencing the physical world, perfectly.
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Yes I Am Happy Now!
by Arne Klingenberg 
Yes I am happy now! is a complete lifestyle guide that aims to make happiness a reality for everybody. In this modern day and age we are inundated with stress and it appears that too many people are not happy for the majority of time. And yet, the book shows that this can be easily rectified. 
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Enjoy Yourself It's Later Than You Think 
by Michael Levy
This book will help you overcome a mind filled with conditioned nonsense. Worry make us ill & takes away our joy. Read Michaels new book & take control of your MIND & BODY You are a loving SOUL. -Publisher
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Conscious Living: Finding Joy in the Real World
by Gay Hendricks

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Gary Null's Guide to a Joyful, Healthy Life 
by Gary Null, Ph.D.

Choosing Joy provides readers with strategies to overcome self-defeating habits and focus on self-direction in order to experience the emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual joys of personal growth and transformation. As Changes Magazine says, "If you're willing to discover yourself, this is the road map to do it."
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