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Bagua Areas, The Chakras, and Essential Oils
by Jami Lin

Three Systems: One Answer

The Bagua is a pattern of understanding how chi manifests and moves through our homes. The Chakra system shows how it moves and manifests in our bodies, and the tree of life reveals chi's workings in the cosmos. Each of these systems contains the essence of how to cultivate chi flow in our lives and homes. All three use sacred geometric layouts to help reveal the mysteries of being human. When we combine these transcendental patterns, we see that they are similar in the path they take us on.

The Essence of Feng Shui

If you overlay the three diagrams, you see that the middle pillar or trunk of the tree aligns with the center of the Bagua as well as with the Chakras. The career Gua coincides with the foundation of the tree and the root Chakra, your grounding mechanism. All three refer to the same concept, that you have to have a solid base on which to build. The center of the Bagua, the center of the home is called the tai chi. With its central support system of family/health on one side and children/creativity on the other, this corresponds to beauty at the heart center of the tree. And this is aligned with the heart Chakra. Isn't that how it operates in your home as well? When health and love radiate out from here, it nourishes the rest of your life. Each of these three heart centers speak of the transformative power of love.

Your material existence is necessary for you to survive and learn all you need to as a human. But if you do not progress through the experience of love and transform the more material aspects of yourself into more spiritual ones, you will never be able to attune to your higher self. These are the energy centers of transformation.

As you plug into universal energy, you have seen that the crown sephiroth and crown Chakra perform similar functions. This is the center through which you are able to connect to your own divine essence. In the Bagua, the fame Gua is the center through which you reach the highest expression of who you are. Following your divine bliss, you will be easily recognized in sharing your higher expressive self.

When you discover all these energy or power centers that make up you, your space, and your cosmos, you can use them to become a creator to receive the kind of life you were meant to live.


Career is represented by the wall of the main door of entry to your home or office. It is symbolized by the colors black and blue and the element water

Essential oils for this area include: black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, patchouli, and vetiver. You spend about half your waking hours at work in a career, so consider these questions. Does it jibe with your goals for the kind of life you would like to live? 

Do you spend your work and free time engaged in similar pursuits? Does your career truly reflect the kind of person you are on the inside? Do you really like your work and truly enjoy going to work? Does your work bring joy to you, your family, those who are in your industry, and those who use your products, services or talents? Is your workplace environmentally friendly? We know that the root Chakra corresponds with the career Gua. Both speak of your life path and being rooted in Mother Earth.

If you are not stable in your finances and your sense of self in the world as the root Chakra teaches, how can you know what your life path is? Your life path may mean finding a job you love instead of just one that pays well. The wealth area is in the far left hand corner when you enter your home or office. It is symbolized by purple and the element wood. Essential oils: bergamot, atlas cedarwood, cypress, frankincense, and ginger.

Wealth is a lot more than material riches. Wealth is also about wealth of spirit, friendship, and relationships. It is about giving and receiving in equal proportions. Consider these questions. Do you have enough money so that you are financially fit? Are you generous with your wealth - whether that is time, money, love or talents? Do you give as much as you receive? Do you judge people by how much money they have or by the good works that they do? Are you quick to share? These are all the domain of the third Chakra, the seat of will.

With the power of will, you can draw to you all the abundance the earth has to offer. For a better job or a better relationship you need will. By using your will to accomplish these things, you can gain abundance in wealth and love.

The Feng Shui Anthology


The Bagua is a pattern of understanding how chi manifests and moves throughout homes. The Chakra system shows how it moves and manifests in our bodies, and the kabalistic tree of life reveals chi's workings in the cosmos. Each of these three energy systems contains the essence of how to cultivate chi flow in our lives and homes. All use sacred geometry to help reveal the mysteries of being human.

Partnership has become a focal point in our society. Pop psychology books abound with advice on how to find the perfect mate, but marriage and relationships are much more than that. First we need to have a good relationship with ourselves (linked to the self cultivation area) before we can look to share it with others. Equally important is how to nurture a relationship through the down cycles or hard times as well as the up cycles.

Before you try to find a partner or fix the one you have, ask if you have done the groundwork on yourself first. Do you put your partner before yourself? Do you expect more from your partner than you are willing to give? Are there equal parts romance, fun, talking, listening, loving and alone time in your relationship? Are you in a relationship or do you find yourself in a continual string of relationships that does not let you fully express who you are? Are you in a solid, loving relationship? This, too, must be watered and fertilized in order to keep it growing.

The correspondence between this area of the Bagua and the sex Chakra looks straightforward, but life is never so simple, is it? Relationships are much more complex than just sex. They include business partnerships, family relationships, and friendships. Each of these relationships must also find its power in the second Chakra. Every relationship must also move up to be transformed by the heart Chakra and, if possible, all be brought up into the realm of oneness through the crown Chakra.

The marriage/relationship area of your Bagua (energy map) is located in the far right hand corner when you enter a room, or the far right hand corner of your house.

Some suggestions for energizing your sex Chakra/relationship:

  • Wood nurtures relationships.

  • Water adds clarity and emotional sensitivity.

  • Metal represents full partnership and abundant love.

  • Fire adds passion.

  • Try these oils: geranium, grapefruit, orange, pine, sandalwood, ylang ylang.

Throat/Helpful People

This area of Feng Shui tends to be the least understood and probably the most neglected. This area on your energy map is located in your nearest right hand corner when you come in the front door of your home, office or room. Who are the helpful people in your life? Consider anybody who enriches your life and makes it run more smoothly: your doctor, mentor, babysitter, teacher, and mechanic. The list is endless, and each person is indispensable. We need each other!

Are you aware of the circle of helpful people that you have around you? Do you have problems with doctors canceling appointments, babysitters not showing up, promised deliveries arriving late and the like? Do you offer your time and talents to help others out? To be a mentor, to car pool, to take your grandmother to the doctor? If your dream is to travel, have you been able to go to the places that you have always dreamed of visiting?

For this area, use the color gray, the element of metal, the trigram for heaven, the throat Chakra, the essential oils of lavender, lemon, peppermint, pine and thyme.

Example from a client: As I entered Judith's home, my throat constricted and I started to cough. The house was full of clutter and was must-dusty awful. They had so much disorganized stuff that I couldn't even get into some of the rooms. A cluttered home means a cluttered life. How can you even begin to work on yourself if you can't move past the old and outdated, literally and figuratively? Clutter is one of the biggest Feng Shui no-nos. It means you are hanging on to things that you don't really need any more. If there is a pile somewhere, chances are 100 to 1 that you do not even know what is at the bottom. If it is not serving you, get rid of it. My two favorite Feng Shui words for clutter: No Mercy!

John was receiving chemotherapy for cancer, and had refused to deal with the aspect of emotional healing. Does it surprise you the room where he shook off the poison from his chemotherapy was in the Helpful People area? Or that he wasn't letting anyone help him with the real issue? While sitting in his favorite chair, which faced an industrial sized hospital clock, John made his choice as he watched his time tick away.

Third Eye/Self-Cultivation

The area of the Bagua (energy map) of your home or office related to knowledge or self cultivation is the left hand corner closest to you when you enter a room, or the left hand room closest to the front door of your residence. Color: blue green. Element: earth. Oils: basil, eucalyptus, juniper, lemon, peppermint, rosemary. Trigram: mountain.

This is the Gua that speaks to you of who you are on the inside. It is becoming mandatory that we start living as we are meant to. We need to follow our bliss. This area deals with your personal spiritual path as well as any studies or educational work. Do you have a personal spiritual component to your life? Is there something you have always wanted to study or learn, but never gotten around to it? Do you have a room in your home that is dedicated to your spiritual side? A small altar?

Feng Shui is a catalyst for healing because it calls people on their stuff. It is a mirror that makes you take a deeper look into the issues in your life. It reveals subconscious information that can help you make changes. Where you have subconsciously placed an accessory and what that symbolizes may be an indication of something you need to look at concerning your personal issues.

Example. When Lisette called me, her fiancée had just moved out, the latest in a string of severed relationships. At 41, what she wanted most was to be married and have a child. Intuitively, she had gone out and purchased kissing couple sculpture. While dusting, it fell and the man's head broke off. She became fearful and promptly glued the head back on. You might think this relates to the marriage Gua. Not entirely.

It's about self-cultivation. The accessory was telling her that she wasn’t really ready to find a new relationship because it would just break again. She had never stopped to question what she might have been doing to sabotage her relationships. It was clear to me because there was a separation in the sculpture that the timing was not right. Some other solution was necessary first. The universe and her subconscious were suggesting that she need to know herself and stand in her own power first. By doing this, she would know what would make her happy in a relationship, instead of settling for something out of desperation.

Feng Shui Today


The fame/recognition area of your home or office is about being recognized for who you are and what you do. There is no one else in the world who was born into the same time and conditions as you were, so you are in a unique position to give the world something that no one else can. When you tap into this essence, you are able to blossom in a unique way. How do you want to be seen in the world? Are you wise, funny, intelligent, warm, serious? Fame is truly about expressing who you are.

The fame/recognition area is the wall directly opposite your front door. The color red, the element of fire, sun, heat, and birds, represents it. Oils for fame and the crown Chakra: clary sage, frankincense, jasmine, Roman chamomile, sandalwood.

Do you cultivate your special talents, or are you still hiding them under a bushel? Are you afraid to speak about yourself in front of a crowd? Do you take credit where credit is due? Is the image you project to the world the person you feel you are on the inside? Are you able to stand up for yourself?

Your unique place in the world - being seen for who you really is about connecting to your higher self, your true self. Which Chakra plugs you into this divine source? The crown Chakra is your electrical outlet to the cosmos. It allows you to tap into your essence and then show it to the world.

Case study. Fran, a gifted psychic and healer with a very open crown Chakra, asked me to Feng Shui her home. She wanted to make shifts for more professional recognition. When I walked in, the living room had a distorted mirror on the fame wall. When clients came in, they had to pass through the living room and were greeted with a distorted vision of themselves. In the fame area of her home, where she did all her readings, all the chi of recognition was going right out through the sliding glass doors and out into the pool. While clients received true and clear information from her, it may have been distorted by the client's own misinterpretation, having experienced the distortion of the mirror. Once in the reading room, facing the pool, memories of the experience may have been diluted. All these negatives greeted both Fran and her clients.

Look around your home. What is there that may be influencing you?

Jami Lin transformed feng shui by integrating interior decorating and self-development to bring EarthDesign(tm) home to the spirit. Interior designer, internationally renowned feng shui lecturer and consultant, Jami has authored two books: "Feng Shui Today: Earth Design the Added Dimension," an absolute necessity to read,' and "The Essence of Feng Shui: Balancing Your Body, Home, and Life with Fragrance," which incorporates the chakras and essential oils, and complements the Chakra/Bagua Essential Oils. She compiled "The Feng Shui Anthology," a feng shui masterpiece.' In the industry's best video,' "Feng Shui Today: Enrich Your Life by Design," Jami combines design expertise and spirituality with multi-Emmy-award-winning creativity. Jami welcomes inquiries on workshops, mastery certifications and decorative consultations. Email Jami at info@jamilin.com, call 1-800-EarthDesign or visit www.jamilin.com regularly updated with new ideas, classes, decorative products and specials!).



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