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Star Powered Words for Children
by Dorothy Lecours


I was very blessed to be part of the first wave of individuals who had signed on to become Lightworkers during the SOUL AWAKENING process created by the 1987 Harmonic Convergence. At that time, I was dedicating my life to teaching first grade. My intention was to touch each child’s heart, so they would always believe in the creative power of their words.

Current research has shown that 60% of what we say daily is in the form of negative criticism. As a result, self-confidence is sabotaged and only 10% of potential is reached. Positive words hold a very high vibration, so I knew I had to find a way to expose my students to the beauty of words.

I was given the inspiration to create a sensational universe of three dimensional stars containing 101 S.T.A.R. POWERED WORDS from A to Z on the outside walls of my classroom. It was incredible to watch the tremendous power of positive creative energy that those magical walls stimulated in the hearts of all.

An endless flow of activities began to emerge daily. This activated a creative approach to value words as a very important form of communication. Selecting only the most powerful words allowed the imagination of the mind reach a higher frequency. An appreciation of the multifaceted skill of using high energy words engaged all my S.T.A.R. students in creating positive thoughts, dreams, wishes, aspirations, and new creative adventures we could all explore. The magic keys of success began to incorporate all subjects being taught with STAR POWER!

Each day I was absolutely amazed with the amount of creative energy flowing from each child, parent, teachers, and personal friends. I had always had a love for teaching but this experience of ONENESS was the most profound moment of my life.

I have been blessed with by my ability to expand and stretch this unlimited Divine Gift. The greatest gift of all has been the ability to ignite the inner I AM presence that lives inside us ALL. This magical partnership has provided an unlimited fountain of effective dynamics to integrate all academics in such an awesome approach to learning. Every moment spent since the launching of this S.T.A.R. POWERED self-esteem program has been a magnificent obsession for me. Words cannot express the wholeness I experienced daily knowing that the Universe hears all our hopes, dreams, expectations, and provides the avenue to make them all become a reality. “We become what we think!” I had been ALLOWED to use all of my unique talents and gifts to make each child aware of the power of their thoughts.

First graders are so open to the magic of disappearing into their starry thoughts that they unlock the potential of everyone they come in contact with routinely. Each child becomes the best that is within them and expects each day to be an extraordinary event to be embraced!

I have been retired for the last six years and have spent my time expanding and evolving my SOUL to continue my divine purpose. I began taking Law of Attraction Tele Courses after I retired. These courses ignited my lifelong passion to write a children's book. The concept Law of Attraction develops the power of positive words, thoughts, and actions to attract expanded goodness into our lives. FOCUSING on being healthy, abundant, happy, and a state of GRATITUDE will create the mindset of living HEAVEN on EARTH. It is my intent that all children will attract an extraordinary and glorious reality.

All of these precious moments were the reason I wrote my Law of Attraction Children's Book, "THE STAR POWERED TWINS." It is my sincere desire that this book will develop your child's self-esteem by using mega doses of STAR POWERED WORDS daily. Allow your child to explore and appreciate their unique talents and abilities. Your child will view themselves as lovable and one of a kind. Ultimately you will witness a confident, capable, and life long learner.

Enjoy recognizing and celebrating your child's uniqueness! Watch as your child begins to develop an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE. It is my intention that all readers globally will begin to LOOK UP and reach for the stars to DREAM BIG! Ultimately, you will witness a confident and empowered child when each of the self-esteem strategies incorporated in my book becomes a daily practice.

I have designed two websites to empower children to expand their reading vocabulary and self-esteem: http://lawofattraction4children.org/ and http://lawofattraction4children.com/

I entered The Next Top Spiritual Author Contest March 29, 2010. The winner of this Spiritual Author Contest will be awarded a book publishing contract by Hampton Roads Publishing and a $50,000 promotional package. This prize has really inspired me to me to dream a bigger dream to empower children! I would love to have your vote and also ask if you can share my message with others. You can also view my Spiritual Author Video by going directly to the voting link here: http://www.nexttopauthor.com/profile.cfm?aid=1263 voting ends May 3, 2010.

My lifelong intention has always been to make a difference in the lives of children. My children’s book allows me to continue to pursue my WISH.

© Copyright 2010 Dorothy Lecours.  All rights reserved. 

By Dorothy Lecours:

Daina Puodziunas
Dorothy Lecours taught first grade at B.W. Tinker School in Waterbury, CT for 35 years. The best of what she gathered from her educational experiences has been selectively compiled into her Law of Attraction For Children's book in a fun and engaging narrative that will have your child turning page after page. In this way, she teaches children the basic fact that how you act and think attracts positive outcomes to you. Visit http://lawofattraction4children.com/.


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