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 Feb. 7, 2007

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Vol. I, Issue 103 

A Roadmap for Wedding Bliss:
Create Your Own Marriage Manual
by Laurie Sue Brockway

Rev. Laurie SueThe best wedding present any soulful couple can receive is a roadmap to their future--a marriage manual prepared especially for them. This would be a book that tells them what marriage will be like, how they can handle that first year, where they will be in five years, or a decade, how they'll know when it's right to have kids or whether they will, and what to do to keep love alive in times when life challenges the vows you make on your wedding day. It would be something that paints a picture for the future they choose to share.

This is not a gift provided by your minister, priest, rabbi or family. Although clergy and loved ones may help you along, it is something that a couple must create for themselves. Your personal marriage manual is based on who you are as individuals and what you plan to create together. It's something that would include and acknowledge your vulnerable spots and provide a sense of direction in times of challenge. Although life throws it's curves, a loving marriage, with a solid commitment as its foundation, can weather more than you'd imagine when you start off with a game plan and map out your intentions for the future. And it can be fun!

What you need: Buy a loose leaf note book, white and colorful loose leaf paper, scissors, glue and some pretty pens. Treat your manual like a very special homework assignment. You can do some of your writing on the computer, and later insert those pages in the manual, or write directly in the book, depending on what’s most comfortable for you both.

Step One: Create a Mission Statement For Your Marriage

The first step of any new enterprise is to create a mission statement. This applies to your marriage, as well. Brainstorm, discuss, process and bat around ideas until you come up with a Marriage Mission Statement. This is your mutual intention for marriage; it is what you want to be and build together. It can have one sentence or reflect a number of ideas. For example:

Our union gives us strength, power and fortitude to deal with all of life’s ups and downs, and it empowers us to contribute to others and the world. We are best friends, confidantes and partners, and we have many close relationships with people we consider "spiritual family." We are a couple who inspire others with our love and who model what it is to be in a great relationship...

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© Copyright Laurie Sue Brockway. This article was originally published at our website,, in February 2002, as part of Soulful Living's "Love Relationships" Issue.

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"Visual language is powerful. Cut photos from magazines that illustrate the essence of your ideal life together and paste them in your personal marriage manual...Visual cues give strong messages to the subconscious. Working together to find the images, and place them in the book, will begin to expand your picture of life together. These images are as powerful as prayers. In fact, they are visual prayers."
--Laurie Sue Brockway


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"Wedding Goddess" by Laurie Sue Brockway:


Wedding Goddess by Laurie Sue Brockway


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