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Be Ready for Light Times
by Victoria Moran

Part of connecting with our inner light is to be on the lookout for glory days and rise to the occasion.

Light times are when you get so much inner wealth, you can store some for later. These periods are the spiritual equivalent of a bonus or a dividend check: you don't get one every day, so when you do it's special. Generally speaking, light times are when things go so well it's as if you're in a bubble of goodness that nothing less can penetrate. But sometimes they come in the midst of crisis, when even with despair all around you, you know you're protected, safe, and in divine company. These states of grace can be spiritual experiences or earthly adventures. Either way, you get some exuberance out of them.

Lit From Within

You've had light times already and remembering them will help you to be available when the next one shows up. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had nine months of light time. Morning sickness notwithstanding, the mingled feelings of humility and pride put a sunny spin on almost every aspect of my life. Seven years later I went hiking with this child in the Na Pali Cliffs on Kauai. It was like being in God's living room. The light lasted weeks. And meeting my present husband six years after that, even though I was a widow in my forties and supposedly too mature for the giddy elements of romance, put me in light mode for a year.

Bring some of your light times to mind. Maybe it was when you went to college or got your first apartment or took a special trip. Maybe it was when you discovered some new truth for yourself or about yourself, when you broke away from a limiting life choice into a broader one, or when you met the lover or teacher or friend who opened up your world as effortlessly as you open the shades in the morning.

The timing and frequency of these experiences depend on a combination of factors that probably range from the positions of the stars to the chemicals in your brain. Some light times you earn through past actions, and others you attract by vibrating at a frequency that draws them to you. However such phases enter your life, they are only of value when you realize what you've got. Otherwise, they're diverted elsewhere or diluted down to a nice day instead of a magical interlude.

The sad fact is that all of us have let light times pass us by because we weren't receptive to them. Part of connecting with our inner light is to be on the lookout for these glory days and rise to the occasion. You do this by (1) expecting them, (2) preparing for them, and (3) showing gratitude in advance. Expect light times by remembering that you are a light being and understanding that you can only do what you came here for with a little help from heaven. You're not asking to be singled out for favors; you're simply acknowledging that you need some light times to get your work done, the way a mechanic needs a wrench or a carpenter needs a saw.

Prepare for light times by being ready physically, mentally, and spiritually. When purifying your body, elevating your thoughts, and acknowledging your spirit become a matter of course in your daily life, you'll be able to see light times coming and never miss another one.

Be grateful for the intervals when you're touched with an extra light. Your gratitude causes them to proliferate. Even if it feels that your last light time was ages ago, appreciate that one, and the one that is sure to come. Say thanks for every day that's dazzling, every day that's good enough, and every day that you just make it through. Something else is always on the way. Life is composed of circles and cycles. Your spiritual practice and every snippet of wisdom you collect along the way direct your life in an upward spiral, even when setbacks make it seem otherwise. Light times are coming. Be there for them.

Excerpted from Lit from Within: Tending the Soul for Lifelong Beauty, by Victoria Moran.  Reprinted with permission of HarperSanFrancisco, 2001.


Victoria Moran is the author of Lit from Within, from which this essay is an excerpt, and other books including Creating a Charmed Life, Shelter for the Spirit, and Love Yourself Thin. She is a national speaker, has appeared on Oprah! twice, and has written articles for magazines including Ladies' Home Journal, Woman's Day, Yoga Journal, Vegetarian Times, and New Age Journal. Her academic background includes a degree in comparative religions from North Central College and study of the spirituality of everyday life as far afield as India and Tibet. She is married to lawyer/musician, and is the mother of an eighteen-year-old daughter, homeschooled since kindergarten and now a working actor in New York City. Moran herself divides her time between New York and Kansas City, Missouri. She will speak this fall at the Whole Life Expos in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Chicago.




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