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Rev. Laurie

Be a Goddess to the Rescue
A Prayer for the Women of Afghanistan
by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Dear Friends --

Over the past two years many of us have signed and circulated a petition to help the women of Afghanistan. It described their torturous lives under the Taliban regime. But did we really know the depth and horror of their daily existence -- until now?

I saw a report on CNN (on 9/28) that showed someone described as a Taliban officer from the "Department of Virtue" beating a woman, in a crowd of other women, with a stick. Her crime: Her veil slipped from her face.

Another "official" stepped in and hit her too, in the face. The woman next to her was also assaulted. It was a horrible sight. The women clung to each other. I could see them heaving in sobs beneath the draping of their clothes. It broke my heart. It will break all of our hearts as we see the reality of the treatment of women of Afghanistan. But I believe we can do something to help.

Finally, as heartbreaking as it is, we can see with our own eyes what is going on now. The veil of secrecy is finally lifted. The veil of our ignorance and apathy is the next to go, because few of us will be able to watch this hideous humanitarian catastrophe play out and stand by as other women are treated so brutally.

These women are worlds away but they are our sisters. They represent the darkest aspect of treatment of the feminine; they represent the horror of total oppression of the feminine; they represent the ultimate betrayal of the natural balance of the universe. And they mirror to us what is deep, deep down in any culture that does not honor the divinity in women and that objects to the honoring and inclusion of The Goddess.

This archaic treatment of women in this day and age is as insane as the thought that two planes could fly into the World Trade Center and demolish it. It is all the result of unbalanced, domineering, fanatical, "male energy" run amok. The only way to counteract, heal and balance it is to bring in the feminine.

As an interfaith minister and chaplain, I have watched with joy at the beautiful collaboration of interfaith and intercultural prayer and spirituality that has emerged from the ashes of the WTC tragedy. But I have to say that once again, The Goddess has been left out or played down. Yet She is a very important player in the healing of our world.

It is time to remember the Goddess. It is time to honor the Goddess, Mother of All things. It is time to honor the Goddess within us -- the bright light and energy of the feminine that gives us breath, and life, and power. That is one of the first ways we can help the women of Afghanistan ... by owning the power of the feminine for ourselves and for them ... by representing the Goddess and radiating and uplifting the light of the feminine divine. We can't stand in our fear or disinterest anymore. Our world desperately needs to embrace The Divine Mother alongside The Divine Father. We must move toward balance if we are ever to have true peace.

The CNN report highlighted the RAWA -- Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan. They "revolt" by teaching their daughters in secret schoolrooms. And sometimes wearing make up around the house. The basic rights we take for granted are their daily struggle. There are reportedly 2000 members. It is an underground movement, cloaked in secrecy for fear of punishment. Membership, according to CNN, is death by stoning.

A member of RAWA on CNN said this about women of Afghanistan: "They are not just physically killed and tortured -- they are mentally killed and tortured. They are under attack. They are living in danger all the time. They want to do something about it."

Let's all do something too. No petitions to sign, no money to send. Just lend your spiritual support and send your loving light into the darkness of that country (and also Pakistan) and ask God, Goddess, All there is to uplift those women ... to bring them closer together to one another ... to widen their ability to gather amongst themselves and rise above the suffering ... to shine a light on them that allows humanitarian and spiritual rescue for all who choose it. May they be protected and uplifted.

This is not a call to "convert" the women of Afghanistan. Rather, it is an opportunity for us to be "vision holders" for their evolution to basic human rights that include the right to worship their own religion and express their spirituality freely. At this time, these women are being oppressed by a fundamentalist expression of religion that does not reflect the Pillars of Islam or the true essence and beauty of the Koran. By opening our own hearts to the balancing power of the feminine, we help create a spiritual environment in which women and children are honored and nurtured, and where they can know their own personal connection to the Divine.

If we all send the energy of love from our hearts and souls it will propel light to the darkness. Let us light a candle in our homes and in our hearts to shed the light and power of the feminine to the women in Afghanistan and all women who are oppressed.

We all have many things to give to in these times of challenge. Bless you for participating in any way you can. Feel free to pass this along.

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

A Blessing:
May The Blessing of God Go Before You
May Her peace and grace abound.
May her spirit live within you.
May her love wrap you ‘round.
May her blessing remain with you always.
May you walk on holy ground.
Miriam Therese Winter, Life Prayers

Read Rev. Laurie's Monthly Column at SoulfulLiving.com, "Soulful Love"

Reverend Laurie Sue Brockway
is an author, teacher and contemporary clergy person who specializes in matters of the heart and soul. As an ordained interfaith minister and non-denominational wedding officiant, it is her honor to regularly marry couples in love.

Prior to becoming a minister she enjoyed a successful and colorful 20 years in media as a widely published journalist, editor and author of several books on relationships and romance—as well as being a noted spokesperson on those topics. She was editor-in-chief of two national magazines and several regional publications, and her articles have been published around the world and in many newspapers and national magazines, such as the NY Daily News, The Washington Post, Women’s News, New Woman, Ladies’ Home Journal and Child. She evolved years of specialized reporting in the field of male-female relationship dynamics into a more spiritual pursuit that led her to train to be an interfaith minister, and then establish her wedding ministry along with a number of popular relationship enhancement programs. Her wedding ministry is based in New York.

She is also dedicated to bringing about a deeper awareness and understanding of the Divine Feminine. As a graduate of The New Seminary in NYC, the world’s premier seminary for interfaith ministers, she was educated and trained in the tenants, spiritual practice and worship of many faiths. She became a specialist in the feminine aspects of God in all the world’s religions. Today, she is widely recognized as a minister, teacher and scribe specializing in women’s spirituality and The Divine Feminine from an interfaith and all-inclusive perspective. She is on the board of directors of World Light Fellowship, heading up their Feminine Faces of God programs, and is Founder of Our Mother’s House, a cyber ministry at www.OurMothersHouse.org.

Long devoted to helping women access the "Goddess Within," she is currently working on two books that bring the wisdom of ancient archetypes to modern women. Her newest book, A Goddess Is a Girl’s Best Friend, is due out in Fall 2002.

To be placed on a mailing list for information about A Goddess Is A Girl’s Best Friend: OurMothersHouse@aol.com


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