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Numerology Dream Tool

Use the charts below to select the numbers or elements that appear in your dream. The information related to your dream numbers/elements can help you to begin the process of understanding what the dream is all about. You may wish to record your dreams in a journal, and note the patterns that your dreams take. Perhaps there is a persistent message within your dreams that you need to pay attention to.

For example, if you had a dream about swimming, then select water as your main dream element. If you had a dream with a number like 1143 then select the numbers 1, 4 and 3.

Select any numbers in your dream:

One (1) Two (2) Three (3) Four (4) Five (5) Six (6) Seven (7) Eight (8) Nine (9)

Select any elements in your dream:

Air Earth
Water Fire

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Numerology Dream Tool - Air Element

Numbers: 1,5

Tarot Cards: Magician (1), Hierophant (5)

Keywords: Thoughts, Plans, Spirituality

Astrological Signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

Air is the element of new life and new possibilities. Air symbolizes freedom, open areas and spaces. Air is vital for living, and supports us in each breath that we take. Air also represents the intellect and the mind. It is inspiration and imagination. It is communication, ideas, knowledge, dreams and wishes. Air can be very peaceful and still, or it can be a raging tornado. It can be a calm breeze on a warm spring day, or a wet, gusty, whipping wind of a hurricane. Both seeds and trash are carried on the wind.

Common "air" related phrases:

"As light as a feather"
"Lighter than air"
"He/She is full of hot air"
"head in the clouds"


Numerology Dream Tool - Water Element

Numbers: 2,6,7

Tarot Cards: High Priestess (2), Lovers (6), Chariot(7)

Keywords: Emotions, Strategy

Astrological Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

Water can be difficult to control. However once it is properly utilized, it can be used to great effect. Water can come in the form of a light spring rain, or heavy, damaging flood. Without water plants will die, but they will be washed away with too much water. Many religions use water as part of ceremony. Because of this, water has come to represent purity, honesty, communication, birth, beginning and life.

Common "water" related phrases:

"treading water"
"head above water"
"Wet behind the ears"
"dry as a bone"


Numerology Dream Tool - Earth Element

Numbers: 4,8

Tarot Cards: Emperor (4), Justice (8)

Keywords: Practicallity, Honesty, Success, Fear

Astrological Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Although a large percentage of the Earth is covered by water, we are generally closer to the Earth. Earth symbolizes a substance that nurtures life. Earth is the element of stability and of the body. It is knowledge, wisdom, strength, growth and prosperity. In the Tarot it is represented by the coins/pentacles.

Common "earth" related phrases:

"Down to earth"
"like a rock"
"…green thumb"
"he/she is very grounded"


Numerology Dream Tool - Fire Element

Numbers: 3,9

Tarot Cards: Empress (3), Hermit (9)

Keywords: New ideas, Passion, Romance

Astrological Signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Fire is the element of change, passion, authority, and leadership. Fire symbolizes purification, rebirth, annihilation and destruction. It is creativity, motivation, will power, drive and sensuality. Fire needs to be handled carefully or the results can be devastating. Fire can have many meanings. It can be a warm, welcoming fireplace, crackling in the wintertime. It can be an out of control summer inferno in the forest.

Common "air" related phrases:

"Hot under the collar"
"Hot head"
"Don't burn your bridges"
"You're fired"
"I'm all fired up!"

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