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Creation Myths of Equus
by Carole S. Devereux

What I hope for in this essay is to shed light on the ways myths work to embody important revelations as seen through the eyes of nonhuman nature. Many myths are not told, except under the disguise of initiate’s rites. So, reading this essay may become an initiation of sorts for some readers into the deeper mysteries of life.

The Hindus who composed ancient myths, that later spread into other nations, never spoke except to their initiates, being bound by a sacred oath that has never been breached. However, I feel the wisdom of nonhuman mythology today is our birthright. All we need do is claim it.

Mythology & Animal Communication: A Right Brain Affair

"Insight comes in when you don't dwell on things, or try to grasp at your own thoughts."
--Pema Chodron.

When reading myths, people have difficulty understanding and interpreting the symbols, metaphors, and images. The reason is that we have to shift our consciousness back and forth from left to right brain and back again in order to go with the flow of it, to build bridges between two differing modes of thinking. Even then we often don’t understand it completely until we let go of it all together, and let insight come in. That is when new synapses fire off in the brain and make new connections and associations between seemingly disparate ideas and feelings.

As an animal communication specialist, writer and teacher, I work with these concepts to help teach people how to communicate telepathically with nonhuman nature. It is a lot like teaching people how to understand and interpret the symbols and metaphors in myths and dreams.

In other words, myths do not work according to Aristotelian logic, but instead to "fuzzy logic," where concepts and ideas are diffuse and indefinite. Myths, symbols and dreams, all work at the deeper levels of our consciousness, and so does the process of animal communication. We Westerners are not used to this kind of "fuzzy logic," which is how our ancestors created myths and communicated with animals long ago.

Our difficulty in understanding myths and their hidden truths derives from the conflicts we experience when using our current language, between the use of words and the use of images. We often say, "a picture is worth a thousand words," but "words cannot begin to describe." Words define a subject directly, while images point to it and broadcast it so that each of us can interpret the meaning subjectively.

Language accustoms us to reason literally, where symbolism works through the creative imagination. In Buddhism they say you have to "cook it," meditate on it, contemplate it to understand the depth of it, because, like poetry, it is difficult to grasp in a rational sense. Working with the right brain, to move deeper into the mysteries of life, often feels uncomfortable for beginners because they have to give up old mental conditioning.

Yet, working with the mind in this way can make us better able to concentrate and focus. It can be compared to giving up an addiction. But, people who want to be comfortable in life, they can forget being wise. People who are attached to small pleasures don't get the big ones.

My job as a writer, teacher and animal communicator is to provide opportunities for students to take this leap of faith, from the written word to unspoken images and back again. I catch up with them on the other side of this concept. In my classes I help students build bridges between the conscious and unconscious mind as they begin to relate to animal wisdom through deepening intuition, telepathy and empathy.

In my opinion, this type of experiential learning is dynamic and exciting. It becomes a pathway to higher consciousness. A Path is anything that leads one out of suffering, (even though we may have to suffer a little to stay on the Path.) These ideas are like spiritual protection. If you fall of the horse, just get back up and try again!

The following is a telepathic communication, with a horse named Ellie. She is our Thoroughbred who lives with us at Highland Retreat Center, in La Center, Washington. This conversation is excerpted from our not-yet-published book, Spirit of the Horse. Ellie is talking to me about the Myth of her Soul.

The Goddess and The Horse

Carole: Ellie, my mind is focused on you now to receive your thoughts and feelings about the Goddess and the Horse. I would like to know your ideas about your creation myth and for the species Equus. It has been six months since we last joined hearts and minds this way. I was connected then with Buddy, the horse, for his wisdom. I would like now to ask you to join in and share your wisdom too.

Ellie: Everything is like a woven tapestry. The focus of which is not known for many millennia because we are too close to see it or know it. Yet when it is almost complete, that is when we can make out its significance. Like an embryo deciding what to become, all is incomprehensible at first. So we wait for first light and first sound, for the tapestry to mature, to ripen. As we do, we are given clues about how to move through it, to add or harmonize with it as we see fit.

If we do not wait quietly, our thoughts will trample us. We need to host small, simple thoughts that cannot hold us captive. We need space and freedom to roam and move about within our thoughts. So, small steps, simple thoughts. Not a herd of thinking that could create a stampede if we would allow it to get the better of us.

We can work with one small bit of material at a time, not all Myths simultaneously. That would be much too large for any mind to hold or understand. Sink into a single myth at a time with open mind and open eyes. We can sink into a myth now. Relax and enjoy. See.

Carole: Why is the Goddess so important in human mythology today? Does Equine Goddess Mythology relate to Human Goddess Mythology?

Ellie: All of Equus is from a star system, far, far, from here. Where do you need us today?

Carole: Since you were bred as a Thoroughbred Race Horse, would you like to talk about The Goddess and The Race Horse?

Ellie: The Goddess feels your suffering. To open to me you must cut loose. Expand. Open. Feel deeply inside. Feel free inside. The Goddess is not chained or held back in any way. Neither in hate, nor anger, not by any dark forces. The Goddess has a jeweled mind. We come from rubies and emeralds, all glittering with clear color and hard, smooth perfection. You will get there. I am leading you down a path. Open you must, trust you will. Share what you seek, playfully, carefully, joyfully, gently, descending into the mind/mine, from where Goddess energy comes.

The Goddess is an energy pattern. We know there are tree goddesses, rock goddesses, and Earth goddesses. It is a type of soul expression that begins slowly and expands and brings forth fruit of all varieties into intensity. The Goddess in me is deeply encoded to love and be loved. Bright sky, look to the stars, move into a star with your open heart. What do you see?

The Goddess works with the senses. The feeling senses, smell, taste, touch and sight. We will work first with the hearing sense. The silence of love is where we come from, out of the deep silence we tone a sound that we love and all the souls that love that sound, come to dance around us. Then we display our toned creation for all eyes to see. The tone goes into our eyes where our hearts reflect more to become and our eyes shine out to the stars with the tone and then there is form. Sound, light, stars and silence. Still, we come from a deep, rich, dark silence. A simple tone created us, and all that we are.

So we are like music of the stars and planets, the great Void and Beauty. Each star has a sound and if you maintain that sound you will become that sound. Each species has its own tone, its own true Voice, it is the sound of their Soul, and it can be traced into the darkness and the silent Universe filled with stardust.

We come from a symphony of stars and stillness. I am manifest from my own star jam. I am Star stuff made into living matter, an Earth-nuclear biostar, matter mixed with clay, Earth with fire, from sun and Earth. I connect at the star level, through my astral intelligence to be perceptible to human eyes in this cosmic garden called Earth. This earthly garden is made from this "prima materia."

I danced for my living, as a star dancer would, all bright and shiny and full of light, sparkling across galaxies until I met with Earth’s pull. The Earth’s consciousness pulled at me, and all species from the cosmos to Herself, as she needed. We are only released into the Void again when we are no longer able to maintain our stellar vibration, or when Mother Earth cannot support us any longer. What Earth needs, she puts out to the Universe, and the Universe feels the attraction and she responds. Every soul, species, human or nonhuman, is an answer to Earth’s prayers. Earth is the Mother Goddess of us all. Our species came to the planet Earth because it is where we were called to be.

Carole: Why did Earth call horses to Herself? Why did Earth call on the spirit of Equus?

Ellie: Earth needed help with Her waters, her oceans, lakes, rivers and seas. She called to the Universe and the soul of the horse responded to that call. After coming from the stars, the spirit and soul of the species Equus went straight into Earth’s oceans, and all Her waterways and our vibrations and frequencies changed the Earth’s water. Afterwards, Earth’s water was different. We changed the water here on Earth. Then Earth called to us again and we came out of Her water and moved onto Her land.

Carole: Why were you called onto Her land?

Ellie: To help the humans move across Her surface, to plant seeds and grow in size and number. We are no longer needed for that purpose but humans have fallen in love--which means they recognize our love, the love we are made of, and have chosen to keep us here. Many of our species returned home as their jobs were finished. But, those of us who chose to stay did so for the love of humanity.

Carole: (Unable to speak and overwhelmed by her statement.) Ellie replies.

Ellie: [Sensing my deeper emotions] Yes. That shocks you, but it is true. We love you . . . more than you love yourselves, obviously, or you would not be so shocked to hear me say this.

Carole: Well, it just seems that humanity has abused this love the horse has for us. Maybe it is the guilt I feel for my humanity and you sense that it chokes the feeling of love down in me.

Ellie: Yes. That is why you would like to have us stay. It is because­ we love you and feel your pain and would like to help you clear yourselves of the terrible ignorance that breeds your fear.

Carole: And how do you do that?

Ellie: By loving you when you least expect it. We know we can go home at any time. All our families are waiting for us, watching us suffering at the hand of humans, hoping we are doing the right thing by staying to help you. Someday those who left may all be called back to Earth again. Earth is a heavenly home until she no longer can support her children and sustain them. All beings answer the call, the dream of Earth.

We respond to Her desires. And she mothers us well. We often wish to return just to experience her beauty again. We, the Goddess of the Horse, are a sacred part of that immeasurable beauty. We make Earth more beautiful with our presence here. But, we know we are made of star stuff and clay and we may all be called home at any time, which is our true dimension.

Carole: What are your brothers and sisters doing now, those who left Earth? Are they waiting to return here?

Ellie: They see us. They know our suffering and they help us whenever they can. All we need to do is remember who we truly are, and where we truly come from and we can awaken them, and they do awaken in us, and we are all saved by this re-membering. We are not so lonely then, when we re-member and feel our star stuff, which is light and sparkling and shining, and reflective like crystals, and we don’t feel heavy, which is more of an Earthly joy. Earth love is heavier. So those of you who have forgotten where you come from, you feel much heavier. If you cannot lighten up – and remember you are made of star stuff, like we are.

Earth called humans too. If She decides that She no longer needs you, She may release you back to your heavenly home. But just as you kept horses because you loved them, not because of their original star purpose, but because you were learning from them about love, Earth may decide She loves you too, beyond your original star purpose, and She may allow you to stay here as well. There are those who may not wish to stay, since everyone chooses in life. However, when we leave, it is because there is a strong universal pull to leave, unless we really try very hard to change Her wishes. You and we all have the freedom to choose where we go next in our evolutionary journey. How long we stay and when and if we return is our choice.

Carole: I see. So, why did Mother Earth call humans from the stars to Her?

Ellie: Humans were called to become broadcast stations, as a part of a large communication grid between galaxies. The purpose of humanity on Earth is to radiate, beam, send, transmit, or channel the power of the Earth out into the Universe to see if other Universes respond. It is Her way of communicating and sharing knowledge with other galaxies and star systems, through human transponders. It is Earth’s way of reaching into the Void to communicate. We could all grow and expand if we pooled our Universal Resources.

Carole: Has humanity been instrumental in finding new resources from the Void, the Universe, to further evolution on Earth?

Ellie: Yes. You have become more fruitful in that regard. You still have a lot to learn about interpreting frequencies and vibrations coming to Earth’s atmosphere, and about sharing this among yourselves. One day as in the past with humans, one of you, or a group of individuals, will discover and find ways to purify water, air, land, and Earth and learn how to mitigate the many atrocities you have committed against your Mother. You will learn this through cooperation and sharing with each other. Someone will discover this information: The more you search the more it will be shown to you.

Carole: Are you saying Earth’s desire to bring humans to Her to help communication with other Worlds is becoming fruitful?

Ellie: Yes. Now take a deep breath, sit back and relax.

Put away all hindrances,
Let your mind, full of love, pervade . . .
The whole wide world,
Above, below, around and everywhere,
Altogether continue to pervade with love-filled thoughts,
Abounding, sublime, beyond measure.
--The Buddha

© Copyright 2003 Carole S. Devereux.  All Rights Reserved. 

Carole S. Devereux
As a writer, Animal Communicator and Spiritual Growth Counselor, Carole S. Devereux is able to help raise human consciousness regarding the spiritual bond that humans and animals share between species. After seven years of training in interspecies telepathic communication with the world's leading communicators; Dr. Ryan, psychologist and TTouch Practitioner, and Penelope Smith, sociologist, author, and the leading pioneer in the field of interspecies communication, Carole began writing a book about her experiences, called Spirit of the Horse.

Spirit of the Horse is a collection of creation myths and stories about the species Equus and the subject of spiritual consciousness from a horse's perspective. It begins with a scientific account of the first horses and continues with creation myths about the spiritual consciousness embodied in all animals. It reveals how early, primal communication between humans and animals spread into modern times through animism, totemism, shamanism and paganism, and how it was subsequently suppressed as humans began to excel in writing, mathematics, and science.

In 1995, Carole traveled to the south of France where she studied the prehistoric cave paintings. As a result, she gained a broader perspective of how ancient interspecies communication and shamanism relate to the current revival of these "lost arts." Using meditation, ceremony and ritual, the book reveals how the "spirit in nature" balances and nurtures our own human spiritual nature.

The book merges Native American spirituality with Tibetan Buddhist meditation and practices to achieve global peace, love and joyful relations between races and species on Earth. Spirit of the Horse will be in bookstores in 2004.

For 6 years , she sponsored Dr. Jeri Ryan's Animal Communication and Reiki Workshops in Portland, Oregon, and continue to promote her Assisi International Animal Institute. Carole assisted in the development of a Professional Interspecies Communication Certification Program and founded her own organization called Animal Insights in 2002.

Carole conducts Basic and Advanced Workshops at her own Highland Retreat Center in La Center, Washington, and perform telephone consultations and group and private training nationwide (telecourses). She is trained by Penelope Smith to teach her Basic Animal Communication Workshop, (the result of her 20 years of experience.) She also teaches meditation to help people expand the potential for understanding the deeper mysteries of life that support the spiritual evolution of all sentient life.

For more information about the residential Retreat Center, workshops, tutoring or private in person or telephone consultations, please contact devereux@teleport.com, and visit our website at: www.animalinsights.com. Or, call (360) 263-7268. Cell: (503) 320-2977.


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