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Arrows of Pythagoras

Arrows do not appear in all charts, but they can be a great aid to further explaining the personality and inner makeup of an individual when they do. The rate of recurrence of numbers which show up in the chart of an individual give an indication of tendency towards (or away from) particular characteristics. The 'influence' of a square (represented by the number of instances of a particular number that appears in that square) also gives an indication of strengths and imbalances between the numbers.

  • Arrow of Determination (indicated by presence of 1,5, and 9)

These people are determined and persistent.

  • Arrow of Compassion (Indicated by presence of 3,5,7)

These people tend to have a strong inner faith, are kind, artistic, and giving.

  • Arrow of Intellect (Indicated by presence of 3,6,9)

These people tend to be more intellectual than emotional, but have keen minds.

  • Arrow of Frustrations (indicated by absence of 4,5,6)

Shows someone who has had/will have more than his or her share of setbacks.

  • Arrow of Sensitivity (indicated by absence of 2,5,8)

These people are overly sensitive and easily hurt, but can be excellent caregivers.

  • Arrow of Memory (indicated by absence of 3,6,9)

These people tend to be slow learners, but can shine later in life.

  • Arrow of Skepticism (indicated by absence of 3,5,7)

These people tend to need to "see" things before they believe them.

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