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Penelope Smith

Animal Communication:
The Telepathic Connection
by Penelope Smith

In this age of ecological emergency, more people are seeing the need to recognize their connection with all living beings. Communication between humans and animals has taken on a deeper meaning and urgency. We can learn so much from the animals about how to live in harmony and balance on the Earth. For animal lovers, direct telepathic communication boosts the understanding, joy, and richness possible in relationships with their animal companions and all of life.

Animal Talk by Penelope Smith

Animals obviously communicate to humans and to each other through physical action and their own complex, specific behaviors and languages. However, they also communicate through the underlying and universal language of all species – telepathy. Tele- comes from the Greek for "distance," especially "transmission over a distance." -Pathy comes from the Greek for "feeling" or "sensation." So, telepathy can be translated as the transmission of feeling over a distance, similar to the word, "telephone," which relates to the transmission of sound over a distance. Telepathic communication involves the direct transmission of thoughts, concepts, mental images, emotions, impressions, feelings, sensations, and pure knowing.

Human and non-human animals receive each other’s telepathic messages to the degree that they can tune in or perceive them. Many animals understand human spoken language by learning the meaning behind words through context and repetition (just as we do). They also can get human intentions, feelings, emotions, thoughts, or mental pictures that are transmitted with the words, even if the words aren't totally understood.

Children are born with the ability to communicate telepathically with their own and other species. Humans in this society are generally socialized to use verbal language as the accepted and "higher" mode of communication and discouraged from getting human or other species' thoughts and feelings directly. We are also conditioned to believe that animals are generally inferior to humans in their ability to think, feel, and make non-instinctual choices, so we learn to separate ourselves from mutual and equal communication with them.

The word ANIMAL comes from the Latin, ANIMA, which means life principle, breath, air, soul, living being. Recognition of the spiritual essence of animals and respecting them as fellow intelligent beings is vital to facilitate interspecies telepathic exchange. Animals are able to communicate with humans who are open to the telepathic connection. They get your intentions, emotions, images, or thoughts behind the words, even if the words themselves aren't totally understood.

I have communicated with animals all my life. For over thirty years, I have successfully used with animals the same counseling techniques that help humans through traumas and problems. Through listening and talking to thousands of animals and counseling them and their people, I have routinely seen upsets and problems resolve, negative behavior disappears, illnesses and injuries heal speedily, and warmth and communion between humans and animals blossom. For those who are skeptical and need physical proof of telepathic communication, these often-dramatic changes are evidence.


I will never forget Peaches, a small, black and white female cat who was left in my care when her person left town. She was a "scaredy-cat," hiding from people and other cats in the neighborhood. A few weeks after arrival, she came in with a bloody bite on her back, delivered by another cat in the neighborhood. I cleaned and put ointment on the wound, expecting it to heal with no problem. However, as soon as it would scab over, Peaches would scratch it open. A variety of first aid attempts failed, as she was determined to get at that wound. Eventually, the bloody area extended from the original 1/2 inch to a gory 2-3 inches, and the hair around the area was falling out.

This was 1971, and I was a spiritual counselor for people. I was about to expand the healing power of the telepathic connection that I had with animals.

Peaches became my first non-human client. I sat down and counseled her as I would a human being in trouble. I asked her specific questions, and she answered me telepathically, transmitting mental images of other cats scaring and attacking her along with her accompanying emotional distress. Facing these frightening incidents released a lot of accumulated emotion, and she visibly relaxed.

As we continued our session, she discovered that keeping the wound there and making it worse was actually a solution to her problem of being afraid of people and other animals. She figured that if she made her body very ugly, people and cats would stay away from her. It was working, though making her life miserable in the process. When she uncovered this past decision, she purred contentedly.

By the next day, her wound had scabbed over. Within a week, the hair had grown back so you couldn't tell she had been hurt. Even more amazing was that Peaches no longer ran away when people entered the room, but instead she curled up on their laps and purred! Moreover, other cats no longer picked on her. For the rest of her life, she lived as an outgoing, happy being.

Here’s another example:

I was called to consult with a dachshund named Charlie who had broken his leg, which was in a cast. The problem was that no matter what the veterinarian or anyone did, Charlie managed to get the cast off. The vet warned that the dog would be lame the rest of his life if the leg was not allowed to set properly.

When I arrived, Charlie was limping and rather grouchy. During our consultation, Charlie communicated to me about how he broke his leg and how upset he was with his person. He had been placed in the front seat of a truck at a ranch that his person was visiting. As the truck pulled out of the driveway, he saw her walking away. Thinking that she was abandoning him, he jumped out the window of the moving vehicle to get back to her, and fell on his leg at an angle.

By fully communicating about the trauma, reviewing the events, emotions, pain, and thoughts surrounding the injury, Charlie released both his emotional and physical distress. Then, to everyone’s amazement, he started running around playfully. He was so enthusiastic that we had to calm him down to ensure the leg wouldn't be overstressed.

Charlie was now very affectionate with his person, when he had previously acted very distressed around her. His leg healed quickly and in perfect alignment. His person realized how intelligent and loving her little dog was and how necessary it was to communicate her intentions and actions to him to prevent future misunderstandings and consequent mishaps.

I could give numerous everyday examples of happier animals who visibly changed after people communicated with and understood them. People also benefit from the understanding, and deep connection that occurs.

Our animal friends have so much to teach us about our own physical, emotional, and spiritual natures. They reflect back to us our joys and our pains, our clarity and our unawareness. All species can benefit from the harmony that occurs with good communication. The healing power of interspecies telepathic communication, a birthright that has been lost to many in our culture, is well worth restoring.

When Animals Speak by Penelope Smith


Although the ability to communicate telepathically usually is lost in childhood in our culture, where there is love for animals and willingness to re-learn, that ability can be revived. The rewards are mutual expansion and delight for human and non-human.

The first thing you can do to start on the road to direct communication with animals is to discard any condescending attitude that animals are lower, less evolved, or less intelligent beings. This kind of attitude blocks true communication with animals, just as it does with humans. Regard animals with respect, openness and as potential teachers, and this alone will enable you to observe them with a fresh light and open up a wellspring of information from them about who and how they are.

Another barrier that needs to be surmounted is invalidating your own potential to receive telepathic communication from animals. If you love animals, you already "hear" what they say to some degree, even if you are not aware that you are doing it. Commonly, when I explain what animals are communicating, people exclaim, "I thought he was trying to say that" or "I kind of picked that up." Lack of recognizing the reality of that perception as it occurs causes people to miss continuing the conversation and developing their understanding and ability. Your animal friends can become frustrated at your lack of understanding their thoughts, emotions, and intentions when they directly communicate them to you, and so they have to resort to methods that you do understand, such as tearing up the furniture or peeing on the carpet.

If you have ever had the experience of knowing what a person is thinking, perhaps even saying aloud the same thought simultaneously, or really getting someone's mental vision or feelings, you'll get the idea of how you can exchange telepathic communication with animals. If you love animals, you already tune in to their feelings and thoughts to some degree, even if you are not aware that you are doing it. Commonly, when I explain what animals are communicating, people exclaim, "I thought he was trying to say that," or "I kind of picked that up." Lack of recognizing the reality of that perception as it happens causes people to miss out on continuing the conversation and developing their understanding and telepathic ability.

You'll be amazed at what can happen if you accept the feeling, thought, emotion, picture, or impression that you get when you are quietly attentive to an animal and continue your communication from there.


To receive communication from animals, you need to calm your own thoughts, distractions, judgments, or preconceived notions, so that they do not interfere. Then you can be quietly receptive to what animals wish to relay.

Find a time when you and an animal friend can be together in a peaceful environment. Sit comfortably within a few feet or whatever distance is agreeable to the animal. Don't try to get his/her attention or do anything. Just look at the animal quietly. Let distractions, thoughts, or mental pictures of other things melt away, and focus softly on the animal. Continue to do this until you feel very relaxed and calm with a relatively clear mind. Observe all the unique physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual qualities of your animal friend that you can. Let yourself be open to new perceptions.

After doing this awhile, you probably will experience heightened awareness or clearer perceptions about yourself and animals. It may be a relief to calm down and let busy thoughts fade away.

You may at first, or even with repeated practice, only experience your own mental activity. You may find you cannot calm the million thoughts and images that crowd your mind. You just don't get any fresh observations or perceptions about the animal. You may get fixated on the animal's body and cannot get beyond this to be aware of their whole being and your telepathic connection with them. You may not yet perceive their spiritual essence, their thoughts, feelings, or concept of who they are on a deeper level.

Be patient. Increased awareness and telepathic reception take time to cultivate. For many people, years of blocks have accumulated. Continued practice helps to peel away the layers.

As you practice this frequently, you may find your own judgments or accumulated preconceptions about animals coming to view. Be willing to let them go, and open up to fresh observation based on a clear connection to the animal present with you. You will then find that your receptivity to animals' thoughts, feelings, concepts, images, and inner world increases. You may even start getting communication impressions from your animal friends.

Remember that this is the first and most basic step that you need to master to facilitate further communication. Otherwise, your own mental projections can get in the way of receiving from the animal. This also makes it safe for animals (including humans) to open up to you and feel that you are listening and can understand. Practice as often as you can, for minutes or hours with animals, humans, trees, rocks, or with whomever you wish to have a deeper understanding and connection.

Getting in touch with animals heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind is a path to wholeness. It nurtures deep places in the soul that people of our culture long to feel. It's time for us to recover this vast reservoir of healing power, wisdom, and joy. The animals are waiting, curious and hopeful, for us to awaken, listen, and learn in loving cooperation on the Earth.

© Copyright 2003 Penelope Smith.  All Rights Reserved. 

Penelope Smith
Penelope Smith has been called the mother of interspecies communication. She is the acclaimed author of the popular books, Animal Talk and When Animals Speak (available in many languages) and editor of the quarterly journal, Species Link. Her visionary work has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles, numerous books, and on radio and television in the United States and abroad. She has developed tried-and-true telepathic communication techniques, which complement both ancient native wisdom and modern scientific knowledge. Her methods foster people's ability to understand and communicate with animals on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. She is the world's leading teacher of basic and advanced interspecies telepathic communication, and has helped launch the careers of numerous professional animal communicators. For a catalog of books, audio and video tapes, quarterly journal, and courses or a directory of animal communicators, visit www.animaltalk.net, E-mail: penelope@animaltalk.net, call (415) 663-1247, or write Anima Mundi Incorporated, P.O. Box 1060, Point Reyes, CA 94956. To order books and tapes, call 1-800-431-1579.




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